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Thought – lab, network and system configuration

The configuration of my system will change soon.

Till now, i use VMware ESXi 5.1 as hypervisor for the virtual environment. It works fine, but i want to try out Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 and find out, where is the difference in the performance. In addition, i want to replace the graphic card.

I am still thinking about, how to convert the virtual machines from VMware to Hyper-V. I heard of a tool, which can convert the virtual machines (like XenConvert of Citrix) and i know, that the NetApp Fusion storage-system can do that, but i did not find the tool till now. I am still looking for it.

My new network buddy i bought last week, is the Astaro Security Gateway 320 and let me think about a complete new configuration of my network.
But i can not configure the appliance and let it run 24 hours, because it is that loud, it give me headaches after an hour. The small 40 mm fans run on full power with 9500 RPM! – I ordered new fans, which should be quieter, and they are. I have a soft noise in the background, which is acceptable.

My NAS is slowly running out of space.
The 3 TB storage have 790 GB free and there will be stored some more ISO-files and virtual machines, so that i have to extend it in a few months. A chance to buy the expansion unit DX510 for the DiskStation 713+! Or a new NAS… maybe DS1513+?

But i have to write two other exams and two project papers before i can start my little project.

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