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Privacy – Surf more private in the net with these browsers

Since the NSA affair, people know that the sentence „Big brother is watching you!“ is not only a little joke. It’s real and the governments all over the world observe the traffic of the internet.
Till now, it is too much traffic to get every information saved, but the technology is progressing. The day will come, when every bit in the world has a context to your person and is saved in a big database for years.

Noone knows, for what these information will be taken, but it won’t be for your advantage.
Will you know, when a police officer asked you, what you did three years ago, on July the 5th, at 09:07 p.m.?
Maybe facebook, amazon, Microsoft and Google know it… your government knows it absolutely, but you?! Bad starting position for whatever they want of you.

So it’s better to take care of where you surf and what you write. – Mostly it’s on your own to keep safe in the internet. And there are some little software-tools, which can help you.

„Secure“ Browser

I wanted to present some browsers and addons/plugins i use. The word „secure“ is in quotation marks, because real security needs more planning and a lot of invest of design, strategy and money. But nevertheless, this way to be online is 100% better than being completely unsecure with a default installed browser.
I am still testing all three, which i suggest, and i feel a little bit better since i use them… not safe, but a little relieved.

Comodo Dragon

This is a cromium-based browser, which looks like Google’s Chrome and has some features installed by default.
In my opinion, the browser is ok, but it is too close to Google Chrome, because you can use your gmail-account to synchronize your bookmarks and the rest, which is saved with your account. That is nice, but not really safe, because Google knows, what you do, when you are locked in. And the browser is a little bit moody. For example:
If i write and do some work a little longer on this blog, the browser will hang up after a while, so that a have to close it, end the service in the background (systray) and start the browser again. And it takes a lot of RAM after a while… in my opinion, not a useful browser. – But take a look on your own:

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon

Whitehat Aviator

Another chromium-base browser, but without the feature to synchronize your data with your gmail-account. Nice!
This browser is really fast and does not allow flash by default. You have to click on the flash plugin to confirm, that you understood, which risk you run. I like this browser, could be a candidate to be my default browser. – Here you can download it:

Whitehat Aviator

Whitehat Aviator

Mozilla Firefox – Security version

This is the secure Firefox, which looks more like a development version.
The scriptblocker, i use in this browser, takes much getting used to and websites often look a little bit strange (like facebook) or can’t be used without letting scripts running. But it is really fast.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Comodo IceDragon

I haven’t checked this version of Mozilla Firefox till now, but i will, after uninstalling the browser Comodo Dragon.

Useful extensions

I will write another article about useful extension for the browsers, like ZenMate for Chromium browsers, which is really nice for videos on youtube, in Germany forbidden by GEMA.

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