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HowTo – Setup your account with Thunderbird

I used and as my email providers before Snowden.
That gmail is not secure and the company scans the emails of their users for interesting information, i knew, but i don’t care! After Google was infiltrated by the NSA, which was really proud of it and Google very annoyed, i began to change my thinking and looked for some more secure email providers. I found them in these (i hope):

After checking some other blogs and articles of IT security websites, i wanted to change my email client as well. Outlook is… Microsoft and Microsoft has a joint venture with the NSA.
I still use Outlook, for my and accounts, because i am not paranoid, but some emails should be more „invisible“ like my shopping-orders, bills, bank-communcations, correspondence with headhunters and companies and so on, so that it is harder to create a profile of my person.

After downloading and installing thunderbird, i wanted to setup my two new email providers with my new email client.
Configuring posteo was no problem, configuring didn’t work the first, second, … a lot of more times. I was surprised, because Thunderbird offers me the setting from its database, but these data seemed to be incorrect, and i typed in the correct password. So i had to check the website of I found that:
But it didn’t work either!

So i looked for a solution via Google, but i didn’t know, that the solution was so close to me. Google couldn’t help, no helping links for my problem, but then i saw a opportunity on the website of mykolab:
This didn’t work either, but after some combinations of it, the connection to was established!

You have to do it like that:

In English:

Your Name: Your Name
Password: ***********
–> Check at „Save password“

Click on „manual settings“ and you see the window like the picture above. – Words in bold and red, i had to change for getting a connection.

Incoming server: IMAP | | 993 | SSL/TLS | Encrypted password
Outgoing server: SMTP | | Auto | SSL/TLS | Encrypted password

User name:

Then it’s done! – I hope, that helped you with your problem of setting up.

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