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HowTo – Running a client antivirus on a server OS

After i built up my PC with Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64), troubleshot some driver-problems, i had a big problem to install my paid antivirus program „Avira Antivirus Suite“. It always said, that my operating system is not supported and the software cannot be installed. – Really bad!
I looked for an alternative, but there seems to be no good security software, which is for free and compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2.

So, what now?

I wanted to use my paid antivirus program and looked fo a solution. After a while, i found this website, where someone or many people checked antivirus programs in Windows Server 2012 and use this operation system as their workstation, like i do:

But the hints are not that easy to understand, so i create a little „HowTo“ with some screenshots for making it easier.
I had to extract my antivirus program, before the installation worked! If you have to that, too, use „Uniextract“ to extract the setup files in a subfolder and manipulate the setup-installation for your operating system.

First, you have to download the „Application Verifier“ from the Microsoft Download-Center:


Choose your version of Windows architecture (32 bit, 64 bit, special ia64bit version), click next and the download starts. After that, install the downloaded MSI file.

Having finished the installation, please open the „Application Verifier“ in your startmenu.

MS_Application_VerifierDo a rightclick in the left side of the windows, choose „Add Application“ and navigate to the setup-file of your antivirus program.


Then you disable all tests with a right click on the chosen file and selecting „Disable all Tests“.


Now you select on the right side of the window „Compatibility“, expand it, put a check into „HighVersionLie“, click on „HighVersionLie“, do a rightclick it, choose „Properties“ and set a „1“ in the textfield „Product type“ of the popped up window.


After that, you click „Ok“, „Save“ and choose „Exit“.

We have done! You can run the setup.exe without any problems now!

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