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HowTo – Installing soundcard driver Xonar DG on server OS

Before i had a little problem with the antivirus software, which you can read in this article, i had to install the driver of my soundcard „Xonar DG 5.1″.

The driver does not support server operating system (Windows Server 2012 R2), like the antivirus software. But i wanted to hear music, when i am in front of the computer, so it had to work! – And it did… after a while.

At first, i had to download the driver for the soundcard:

I extracted executable setup-file in a subfolder with the Universal Extractor, which i mentioned in the other article. In this folder, you find the parent-folder of the installation files.
In my case, the folder had the name „PCI-DG-130418-“ and in there i found two files and another subfolder, named „WIN81″.


Doubleclick the folder „WIN81″ (or whatever your subfolder is named) and look for the library-file „CmSetx.dll„.
Open it with an Editor of your choice (editor.exe, notepad.exe, ultraedit32.exe, and so on) and you will see, it is NOT a library file!

Change the last line of the setup-commands to this:


Save the file and run the setup.exe below the library file „CmSetX.dll“. – That’s it!

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