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Cloud Storage – 2 TB of space for free

test environment

test environment

I was looking for cloud storage, which is cheap and offers me a lot of storage (see in this article), so i checked all the listed providers in Synology Cloud Sync.

Most of them i knew, only two of them were new to me:

hubiC is a french storage provider and described in the article i linked above. Baidu is a chinese cloud storage provider and to sign in there is a little bit tricky if you don’t understand Chinese. I found i nice article by Google, which describes what is where (click me).

Baidu Cloud was very interesting, because this provider offers 2 TB for free! – I signed up, logged in and then i was told to install an APK on my smartphone for getting the 2 TB for free. This was too risky for me, so i did not do it. I took another way around:

  1. I tried to find the app in Google Play/App Store, but i wasn’t able to find it without installing a dozen of apps. The next step was more successful.
  2. I visited the provider’s website by my mobilephone, logged in and the website offers me the correct app. After touching this hint for the app, Google Play starts and offers me the correct app for the mobilephone to install. Same procedure on Apple iPhone.

Now the 2 TB of storage were enabled to use!

I tried to download and install the client software for the storage. The download was very slow (5 MB in nearly two minutes) and the Windows 8.1 smartscreen refuses to install the software. But i won’t need it, so who cares? :)

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