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Cloud Storage – 10 TB of space for 50 Euros per year

test environment

test environment

I was looking for a cloud storage provider, which offers me on the one hand storage for less money and on the other hand it should be compatible with my NAS (Synology DS713+). So i checked the cloud storage providers, which are shown in the cloud sync of DSM 5.1 (OS of Synology). These are:

Every website of these storage providers i visited to find out, what they offer me and what should are the costs of their data space.

Dropbox is too expensive for the storage they offer, equally GDrive, Box and OneDrive. The only storage provider, which has the best cost effectiveness is hubiC (this is my reference link)! – For 10 TB you pay 50 Euro per year… that’s FANTASTIC!! And it is fast and gives you the possibility to backup all you want by installing their software-tool on your device.

I am still testing this cloud storage of hubiC. By now, it looks like what i was looking for! :)

Synology Cloud Sync

Synology Cloud Sync

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