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About me

About me

Stephan Hölzel

Stephan Hölzel

My name is Stephan Hölzel, born on the 07th August 1979 in Schwelm and grown up in Wuppertal, the city where the „trams fly“ (Schwebebahn).

Until my 25th year of age, i stayed in Wuppertal before i moved to Frankfurt am Main, where i lived seven years, before i moved again to Munich and near Zurich (Swiss). This living situation is a little bit complicated:
I work in Germany, for a German consulting company, actually at a German Government in Munich and my domestic partner moved to Kloten, near Zurich, for a job. So i live in both cities, somehow.


After finishing my apprenticeship as „professional advisor for integrated systems (IHK)“ in May 2005, i worked in Düsseldorf, 40 km away from my home city Wuppertal. I was responsible for 25.000 users and 1.200 servers in a Citrix Metaframe XP FR3 environment. Monitoring, ticketing, implementing changes (software installation) and rebuilt the whole environment every month were my tasks in a team of seven members. One day, we were informed, that our tasks will be assumed by three teams in Frankfurt am Main. So i offered my experience and knowhow to follow the tasks to Frankfurt am Main, for training and building up the new teams. The responsible manager in Frankfurt was glad to hear that i was that flexible and put me over in his area. After the training of the teams was over, i felt a little bit bored of my new work in the change implementation team, so that i switched the team. Now was responsible for the test-environment, with about 120 servers and 70 virtual machines and a short time later, i got the technical lead. The tasks of this team was to test changes and releases, which were planned for productive environment, and to offer support for the customers projects like implementing new software and services.
In summer 2010 i got a job offer of a consulting company. After a few minutes in the job interview, i was asked by the Senior Vice President, if i could imagine to work for them. I accepted after a short talk to my girlfriend. My new job title: „Technical Consultant“. – I liked to work for this company very much. It was always on the wave of innovation, was big in business with Citrix, had a high technical knowledge-level inside the company, was well known and had a lot of interesting projects and customers. – After an acquisition of an american company, a lot of employees did not agree with the new corporate philosophy and quit their job. So did i and i felt really sad!
Now, i work for a really big canadian company with about 70.000s employees.
A had a small project (building up a Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 environment for 300 users) in Frankfurt am Main, before i was asked for a bigger project in Munich. The customer in Munich is a government for public safety and order and it plans to have a VDI environment for roundabout 6.200 users. After designing the environment and planning the first steps, i assumed the sub-project management. A new challenge for me, which i liked to accept!

Training and development

During my apprenticeship, i took some exams of Windows 2000 to get the title MCSA (Microsoft Certified Server Administrator) and had to the chance to take an ESOL examination of a „Preliminary English Test – B1″ of the University of Camebridge, which i passed with merrit.
After my apprenticeship, i made some certifications of Citrix, ITIL and VMware. Microsoft certifications are on scope, but most people forget, that without having knowledge in products of Microsoft, you have lost in the world of Citrix:

  • Citrix
    • Certified Sales Professional (2013)
    • CCA XenDesktop 5 (2012)
    • CCAA XenApp 6.0 (2012)
  • VMware
    • Certified Associate: Workforce Mobility (2013)
    • Certified Associate: Data Center Virtualization (2013)
    • Certified Associate: Cloud (2013)
  • ITIL v3 (2008)
  • CloudU Certificate (2015)

On the 1st September 2012, i started study „Bachelor of Science – Business Informatics“ at the university „FOM – Fachhochschule für Oekonomie und Management“ in Frankfurt and switched the university to Munich in April 2013, because of the project at the German Government. The lectures are on Friday evening and on Saturday, so that it possible to work fulltime and to study besides.
The study could go better, but i often run out of time to learn, because among the project work as sub-project manager and my study, i am the co-leader of the internal expertgroup „Virtualization & Cloud“, where my colleagues and me discuss and work on current and prospective IT-world’s themes.

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